Opening  Friday, January 17th at Park Life, San Francisco is “Cy Twombly Death’s Head,” a solo exhibition by Louis M Schmidt. “Cy Twombly Death’s Head” isn’t really about Cy Twombly, or about any of the other artists referenced in the show – although Twombly’s life and practice were a major source of Schmidt’s inspiration. Really, the work is about “the bigger picture”. It’s about myth, history and form, and how people have tried to process the passage of time and the human condition. Schmidt obsesses over history, and Twombly simply provided a starting point from which to spiral into a consideration of his primary concerns, namely: our human relationship to power; how we create the systems we need to survive; and our primal (fatal) tendency towards hierarchical (vertical) paradigms.


Opening Reception: Friday, January 17th, 2014. 7-10pm.


For more information visit Park Life, San Francisco.