Currently on view at Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles is “I’m a long way from home and I don’t really know these roads,” a solo exhibition of new sculpture by Elias Hansen. Working in Upstate New York, Hansen’s work is very much rooted in his current and past backcountry surroundings. Having lived on an isolated island in the Pacific Northwest for much of his life, he is no stranger to the wilderness. His art incorporates this while forcing its observer, often an urbanite, to ask ‘what goes on out there’? The work comprises of hand blown glass pipettes, flasks and beakers displayed with found driftwood and arranged as rudimentary laboratories. Left dripping, bubbling or with LED lights flickering, the pieces appear to be recently abandoned; it is as if their creator has just fled the scene.



“I’m a long way from home and I don’t really know these roads” is on view through February 22, 2014.


For more information visit Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles.