On Friday, February 20th at Human Resources, Los Angeles is “The Limits of Perception and the Rectangular Frame,” an evening with R. Lyon who is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in New York. Lyon will be delivering a suite of performances at Human Resources starting at 9pm.  Program details below:


Limits #1: 9pm
(7min) Single channel participatory video with floor seating. Composition for spectators, electronic iris and mechanical window blinds.

Limits #3: 9:15pm
(43 min) The history of noise heard through futurism, probability theory and the thermonuclear bomb. Slow motion saga via Google’s predictive search engine, burning hair, firecrackers and Vaseline.

Limits #5: 10pm
(8 min) 30 remotely controlled toy helicopters, one controller.


For more information visit Human Resources, Los Angeles.