The 2016 San Francisco Art Book Fair
1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco CA 94107
Preview: July 22, 6-10 pm
Regular Hours:
July 23, 11 am-6 pm
July 24, 11 am-5 pm

Admission: Free (all days and hours)

The weekend of July 22-24, the Minnesota Street Project hosts the inaugural 2016 San Francisco Art Book Fair, organized by the Minnesota Street Project, Colpa, and Park Life. Independent publishers, artists, dealers, and collectors present artists’ books, art catalogs, monographs, periodicals, zines, printed ephemera, and artists’ multiples. The fair will include many local participants, as well as a number of publishers, artists, and dealers from New York, Los Angeles, Portland, and elsewhere, including some international contributors. The book fair is complemented by a program of performances, signings, and other events. A schedule for the weekend’s events and a full list of participants are available now on the San Francisco Art Book Fair website.

SFAQ [Projects] will have the following items available at the fair:
Barry McGee’s Year In Review—Spring Edition + a limited number of hand decorated copies
Swampy’s “Your House Is My House”
Petra Collins’ 24 Hour Psycho exhibition catalogs
Satan Ceramics zines
Born to Kill zines by Pat McCarthy
Sandy Kim’s LA XXX
Sweatingelktears, a collaborative zine by Jocko Weyland and Reneé French
Back issues of SFAQ, NYAQ, and AQ
SFAQ t-shirts


Civic TV T-shirts! In most sizes! #sfabf #civictv #8ballzinefest

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Pulling some oldies but goodies out of storage for the San Francisco Art Book Fair next weekend at Minnesota Street Project #sfabf

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Two new titles we'll have at the @sfartbookfair, this weekend July 22-24 at @minnesotastreetproject: Selected by @luminousbooks: STRIKE! Anthology gathers the first 8 issues of STRIKE! in one place, detailing the printed publication from it's inception in 2012 to the end of 2014. STRIKE! Magazine never speaks from one perspective, but is a platform for those involved in grassroots resistance, anti-oppression politics, and the philosophies surrounding these movements. We prioritise the voices of people directly affected by oppressive structures, those on the front lines of political change. STRIKE! presents radical politics and philosophy using accessible language, supported by engaging design and powerful imagery. Bad Feelings, Arts Against Cuts, 2015, @bookworksuk: Elude, remain uncomfortable, refuse when necessary, and NEVER SETTLE! Bad Feelings aims itself towards existing discussions on negation, negativity, and a bottomless catalogue of negative emotions. Assembled therein is a set of materials for conflict and commonality. Despite some clear thematic concerns and constellations around which the contributions coalesce – hate, struggle, rage, anger, revenge, resistance, destruction, and so on – it forgoes asserting any coherent narrative, manifesto, or position on the subjects. Authors, whether collective, individual, or transmutable identities, flow from start to finish in a sequence determined by their emotion and subject of contestation. The texts, the contributors, the ideas, the aesthetics, and the arguments disagree, and so do we. Ordered against order, Bad Feelings attempts to manifest an experimental negativity, pushing beyond a mimetic economy bound to the targets it seeks to oppose. It may not work as intended, though no more sleep will be lost over it. #owlcave #luminousbooks #strikemagazine #artsagainstcuts #bookworksuk #sfabf2016

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At the Stripe SF table at the SF Art Book Fair: The Exhibitionist, Issue 11 and 12 The Exhibitionist was established in 2009 as a journal by curators, for curators, in which the most pertinent questions on exhibition making today would be considered and assessed. Currently released three times a year and modeled after the iconic French film journalCahiers du cinéma, the journal is meant to serve a critical role in understanding current curatorial practices through a number of editorial formats focused specifically on the critical and historical importance of exhibitions. Edited by Jens Hoffmann, Julian Myers-Szupinska, and Liz Glass. 83 pages, black and white with 8 page full color insert, 8 × 11 inches, Designed by Jon Sueda #sfabf #sfabf2016 #exhibitionistjournal

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