The mind of Josh Short is an intricate one and the culmination of his Residency at Ever Gold will give all of you an experience to remember.  If you recall his Touchdown Jesus show from last year, where nitrous powered cars slammed into his very own creations, while hardcore metal pumped through a stereo system in the shape of a cross – this show really shouldn’t be something you want to miss. Be there on Thursday night to experience Bomb Shelter Radio (currently transmitting from the roof…) and participate in his self-defense classes at your leisure.  The show runs through February 26th.

During the last week of the exhibition (Feb 21st- 26th) Ever Gold Gallery and Josh Short have teamed up with Noise Pop for their 20th Anniversary. This collaboration will consist of five live broadcasts over the Bomb Shelter Radio from bands curated by Noise Pop. These bands will be playing live at Shorts Bomb Shelter Radio and will be open to the public.

For a preview – enjoy this video below.

Josh Short – Bombshelter Radio and Self Defense Club from Ever Gold Gallery on Vimeo.

Ever Gold Gallery, January 13- February 26th

Opening Reception: Thursday February 2nd, 6-10pm

Daily Self Defense Club and Nightly Radio interventions: Wednesday-Saturday

Exhibition runs until: February 26th

Over the course of his residency at Ever Gold Gallery, Josh Short will build “Bomb Shelter Radio” and host several live sonic events that will include experimental noise transmissions, live metal and hardcore bands, and subversive FM radio interventions. This will also be aided by guerrilla public installations of radios installed around the Tenderloin bringing his interventions directly to the street as a form of audio graffiti. During the day the gallery will become the “Tenderloin Self-Defense Club”, where Short will offer martial arts instruction to the neighborhood inhabitants, artists, and musicians.

Short aims to examine contemporary myth and rituals within the American cultural landscape through his interactive exhibition.  Ever Gold will be transformed into a liberation center in the hopes that Short can bring back hope by providing tools that evoke personal liberation through free speech and improved self-confidence.

Short has previously held residencies at Recology SF (images), Headlands Center for the Arts, and recently a large outdoor installation at di Rosa. This is Shorts second solo exhibition with Ever Gold Gallery, (images) of his first exhibition “Touch Down Jesus” in 2010.

Self Defense Club, Noise Interventions, Live Performance, and other on air programing as well as frequency change info (due to the FCC) will be posted on the Ever Gold website towards the end of this month and through the month of February.