“We do not to have a signature but rather a handwriting. We like to tell stories in different ways.”


There is no better way to describe the beautiful and individualistic approach of menswear brand, Meadham Kirchhoff. While bright, electric colours are the constant undertone, the cuts, tailorjng and style are ever changing, even within a seasons line.


Spring/Summer 2013 jumps from wooly fisherman’s jumpers to flowered jackets that are almost kimona inspired. Fashion magazine I-D shot a behind the scenes that depicts the angle perfectly. A slowed down and echoed Amy Winehouse trips as colours seep over models that bore their eyes into the viewer while simultaneously ignoring us, cameras sweep, focus and loghting flash and change and ultimtely a new and hazey world is created. Nothing matches which is exactly why everything fits. Meadham Kirchhoff tries to be nothing but itself. A dazzling creation of self expression and celebration.