Jonathan Horowitz’s piece “Your Land, My Land: Election ’12” was originally exhibited at Gavin Brown Enterprise, New York,  titled “November 4, 2008”.  The piece consisted of a space split into two sections, one red and the other blue.  On the walls were photographs of past political figures from opposing parties and live video feeds were displayed on flatscreen televisions, one playing CNN and the other with Fox News.  Visitors were invited into the space to choose their side and watch the political race undergo in real time.  It was a social gathering fueled by politics bringing a new social experience to the table through the avenue of artistic practice.


Now this project has been recreated for the political events that are currently underway and has grown to a new level. “Your Land, My Land: Election ’12”  has expanded to be simutaneously shown in 8 different institutions across the country (Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Hammer Museum, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, and the New Museum in New York).  This is an amazing artistic endeavor where politics are the main focus, and executed so well that it breaks the outdated stigma of political art through Horowitz’s practice.


Horowitz also presents a website which exhibits the same split of red and blue seen in the gallery spaces, but through the means of a digital platform cataloguing  the political dialogues from around the country.  People are invited to message and make posts, while a countdown clock is displayed at the top of the webpage.  Follow the link below to visit the website.


Jonathan Horowitz, Your Land/My Land (installation view), 2008. Courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York. Photo: Thomas Müller


JONATHAN HOROWITZ. Your Land, My Land: Election '12. Courtesy of Gavin Brown


Check out the schedule below:


JONATHAN HOROWITZ: Your Land, My Land: Election ’12

September 07 – November 24, 2012


Simultaneously presented at:


Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

St. Louis, MO

September 7 – November 11


Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh

Raleigh, NC

September 22 – November 12


Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Houston, TX

September 29 – November 11


Hammer Museum

Los Angeles, CA

September 30 – November 18


Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Salt Lake City, UT

October 5 – November 24


New Museum

New York, NY

October 10 – November 18


Telfair Museums

Savannah, GA

October 12 – November 11


Visit Gavin Brown Enterprise:


Contributed by Gregory Ito