If you dont have any plans tonight go out to see “I Like Where This is Going” featuring works by Kate Bonner, Christine Ancalmo and Cybele Lyle. Queen’s Nails is an artists run gallery located in the Mission district of San Francisco and aims to challenge both emerging and established artists to work outside their normal practice in order to produce new and unique projects. Queen’s Nails is co-directed and curated by Bob Linder and Julio César Morales.


Press Release:


“I Like Where This is Going!”

Opening Reception: October 20th, 2012. 8-10pm

October 20th – November 10th, 2012

Artists: Kate Bonner, Christine Ancalmo and Cybele Lyle.


"I Like Where This is Going" at Queen's Nails, San Francisco


“Knowledge of a thing cannot impede it; but at least we have the things we discover, if not in our hands, at least in thought and there they are at our disposal, which inspires us to the illusory hope of enjoying a kind of dominion over them.”


Page 372 Swann’s Way

Page 33, Bonsai


Christine Ancalmo :

Christine Ancalmo was born in the United Kingdom and raised on the Mexican border in New Mexico. She received her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Photography from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She received an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in the New Genres department, where she focused on video, performance and installation. Ancalmo utilizes economic materials such as paper, gold foil, mylar and cardboard in her multi-media work which includes sculpture, installation, drawing, photography, video and animation. She uses real-time live video processing software for her Audio/Visual Performances where she simultaneously creates music and visuals with a vintage analogue MIDI keyboard. In her videos she animates her drawings, photographs and dioramas and mashes-up the resulting animations with found footage to create abstract narratives and video-scapes. She has performed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Treasure Island Music Festival and Noise Pop Music Festival.


Kate Bonner:

Through a process of reduction and transformation, Kate Bonner’s work withholds explanation and proposes simple fictions. Made of degenerated photocopies, cuts, and MDF board, her structures value perceptual failures and contain real boundaries, literal walls, windows and frames that limit visual access. Bonner has participated in group exhibitions in New York, California and the Midwest, including the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts in San Francisco, and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born in Michigan, she has has just completed her MFA at California College of the Arts (2012).


Cybele Lyle:

Cybele Lyle holds an MFA from Hunter College in New York City, where she received the Tony Smith Award upon graduating. She received a BFA in printmaking in 2001 from California College of the Arts. Cybele has been an artist in residence at the Bemis Center, Atlantic Center for the Arts and Ox-Bow. She has show her work internationally and this fall will have her first solo show at Pro Arts in Oakland as part of the 2×2 Solos. Cybele was recently selected as a finalist for the 2012 SECA award. She currently has a studio at Real Time & Space in Oakland and lives in San Francisco.



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