Anthony Antonellis, Camping, 2012.


The American version of the Oxford Dictionary chose GIF as its word of 2012, on the file format’s 25th anniversary. Confoundingly, the dictionary chose the verb “to GIF,” rather than the more commonly used noun, the acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. That’s what you get when a dictionary company tries to be hip. They also admitted “YOLO.”


Note: Some GIFs need a lingering mouse or a click to move.


Valentin Salja, Pro-epilptic Party.


Malgosia Woźnica/ v5mt, Bigmouth.


Jaime Martínez, Ixchel.


Duncan Alexander, kaleidesaturn.


Shachar Bechor, blue sea. by Rafaël Rozendaal (flash), compressed by Rosa Menkman (avi cinepak 256 greys). Original: 74kb, scalable and endless, now: 1.6mb, linear, scalability limited, and looped.


Petra Cortright, Gold Drip, 2009.


Martin Boisvert, Musing - Animated GIF from abstract painting.



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Anthony Antonellis

Valentin Salja

Malgosia Woźnica/ v5mt

Jaime Martínez 

Duncan Alexander

Rafaël Rozendaal

Rosa Menkman

Shachar Bechor

Petra Cortright

Martin Boisvert



Honorable mention:



There were a lot of unimpressive Seapunk and GIF-inspired music videos this year. An exception is Blood Orange’s “Champagne Coast,” which beautifully synchs cyclic images of babes to the beat.




-Kendall George