At Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris an American artist, Michael DeLucia has “Projections” on view, exhibiting a group of amazing works that question the necessity of the artist’s hand in their work.  “Projections” is composed of a collection of sculptural works and installation that consist of wood and safety enamel, creating an end product mimicking Op Art.  The vivid line textures play with your eyes as you pan across the gradients of safety enamel which contrast from the wood surface beneath, resembling moiré patterns.  The line work has been accomplished not by the hands of DeLucia but a computer guided router which carves grooves into the surface of the wood creating reliefs with contemporary flare.  This raises a discussion of the importance of craftsmanship of an artist, and the reliance people have on computer based devices and machinery.  Technology doesn’t only shift the studio practices of artists but also the way we view art, which DeLucia discusses.  “I wonder about the condition of sculpture in the technological age… today we work on the computer, which is an abstract and spatially fragmented place, and 99% of people will only see the exhibition on-line.”  This exhibition closes on December 28th, so if your in Paris, France check it out.  But if not, check out the images below like the remaining 99% of art enthusiasts are on the world wide web.



– Contributed by Gregory Ito



Venue: Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris

Exhibition Title: “Projections”

Artist: Michael DeLucia

Dates: October 27 – December 28, 2012





Installation View, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris 2012. Courtesy of Gallery.

Installation View, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris 2012. Courtesy of Gallery.

Cone 2012 Plywood, safety enamel 121,92 x 243,84 x 121,92 cm / 48 x 96 x 48 in. Courtesy of Gallery.

Interferance 2012 Plywood, safety enamel 366 x 244 x 1,91 cm / 144 x 96 x 0,75 in. Courtesy of Gallery.