Ever have questions about the art world that you think you will be judged about if you asked in public?
Complaints about how you are treated as an artist by a gallery?
Complaints about how you are treated as a gallerist by an artist?
Questions about curating?
Questions about Conceptual or Avant Garde art movements?
A funny situation that happened to you that you want an answer for?
Some art world gossip you want to dish out anonymously?
SFAQ has your soloution:
Art Etiquette & Funny Stuff column 
Submit any questions, complaints, or funny stuff to 
by December 22nd and TOM MARIONI 
will provide you with an answer in issue 12 of SFAQ.
(release date Feb 1st)


1969 One Second Sculpture, curate Invisible Painting and Sculpture, 1970 founder (MOCA) Museum of Conceptual Art, curate Sound Sculpture As, 1970 The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art, 1972 Drawing a Line as Far as I Can Reach. Drum Brush Drawings, 1975 Thinking Out Loud, Warsaw, Poland, 1975-1981 editor/designer VISION magazine, 1981 Guggenheim Fellowship, 1991 The Yellow Sound for Kandinsky, radio play, Cologne, Germany, 1996 founded The Art Orchestra, Beer Drinking Sonata, 2003 A Memoir, Beer, Art and Philosophy, 2012 Beer with Friends… Vienna, Paris, Bristol.

 *any submissions may be edited or omitted without written notice.