There are fascinating happenings all around you. Sometimes it takes meeting someone new or an extraordinary event to see them, to teach you a new way of thinking. San Francisco has a long history of clubs and societies that, through membership, reveal truths, advantageous opportunities, and access to what Herbert Hoover called “the greatest men’s party on Earth.” Unfortunately, these stores of knowledge are not easily accessible to women, minorities, poor people, or non-closeted homosexuals. Luckily, there is a consciousness-expanding social alternative for us undesirables that are also artistically inclined: the Elsewhere Philatelic Society (EPS).


Philatelic Chamber (proposed).

The Elsewhere Philatelic Society annexed the Elsewhere Talismanic Object Appreciation Society, by way of an announced “suspension,” the implication being that stamps should hold a place of pride in your internal Wunderkammer. Philately is the study and appreciation of stamps and postal history. But the stamp is not a stamp. Even if the closest thing you like to stamps are Mark McCloud’s blotters, the group structure applies to members of the EPS: we are defined by a common interest/ experience, there is an activity that facilitates bonding, and there is an implicit level of unity (you are not alone). The most emotionally resonant groups agree on a way of perceiving the world that is different from more commonly accepted modes; this is also why experiencing the effects of entheogens (from smoking a weed to smoking DMT) with other people creates a bond. In addition to communing with fellow philatists, the Elsewhere Philatelic Society supports the Hexnode Network, which keeps members informed of news on nature’s building block and the interconnected logical values of up to six concepts. The Hexnode Network is to the Elsewhere Philatelic Society, as the Illuminati is to the Bohemian Club; knowledge is always power.



Take a day for yourself, or with friends, to apply to the Elsewhere Philatelic Society.


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-Kendall George



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