Unpiano Books presents “It Rained All Day” with Mel Kadel

Location: Poketo Store, Los Angeles
Opening Party: January 18, 6-10pm
Show Ends: January 20, 2013



"It Rained All Day" by Mel Kadel. Published by Unpiano Books


It’s the first event of 2013 at Poketo, and we’re excited to be hosting a music performance, art show, and books signing with artist Mel Kadel and musician, ((SOUNDER)). The opening night event is Friday, January 18 from 6-10pm. The opening night party will celebrate the release of “It Rained All Day”, a collaborative soundtrack and book between L.A.-based artist Mel Kadel and ((SOUNDER)) aka Michael David Aho.


Published by Unpiano Books, “It Rained All Day” is a limited edition release of a full color, narrative book based on original music by ((SOUNDER)), illustrated by Mel Kadel, and includes a double sided vinyl 7” of the recording. Bringing art and song together in harmony, the hardcover book captures a landscape of remarkable complexity and depth through illustrations on thick layers of hand cut paper and original musical compositions.


Poketo Store
820 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA



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