Second of three shows at Royal NoneSuch Gallery: THE BENSONS

Featuring works by Mark Benson and Jason Benson.
Opening Tonight: Friday, January 18, 7-10pm



Mark Benson


Royal NoneSuch Gallery
4231 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609

Gallery hours: Saturday 1-19-13 + Sunday 1-20-13, 1-4pm
Some idea of what will be before you as you read this: a series of crudely modeled suspended sculptures, a publication, black and white, spiral bound with lemons on the cover atop a large white plinth filled with rice, maybe some paintings, around ten by fourteen inches on panels. The latter half of these things I’ve seen and fully expect to have placed in the space with you in one of several ways which come to mind as I virtually lay out the show.


A puzzle I think most artists and curators are familiar with: you take approximate mental stock of the works you expect to compete for position and site with in the gallery and begin to arrange it all in your head… alas this is only somewhat useful because of problems of scale, unexpected results, more or less artwork than expected, misrepresentation of the work or the gallery in one’s mental model and so forth.


So, my imaginings of the show-to-be surely are a mismatch to what you have before you, in the flesh.
Mark Benson recently had a solo show at Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco, and work in Primer Acto at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City.


Jason Benson in addition to co-running the gallery Important Projects in Oakland has recently had work at House Show in Oakland, and Alter Space in San Francisco.