Will Rogan, 2013. Courtesy of Altman Siegel, San Francisco.


Opening tonight at Altman Siegel gallery, San Francisco, is “Blanking Out” by San Francisco based artist, Will Rogan.  This will be his second exhibition at the gallery and will be exhibiting a selection of works including drawings, photographs, and sculptures.  The primary piece in the exhibition is titled ” Mediums (recent ruins)”  which depicts a collection of 60 artists who’s work (photographs) that have been de-accessioned from the library of SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute).  It is a sad moment when an individual’s work become unnecessary in a library, fading away into history due to it’s lack of impact on current contemporary times.  It becomes a discussion about memorial, and reverence for these artist’s and their work by Rogan by appropriating their work for his own.  It highlights the fragility of anyone’s artistic career and studio practice.  Any person who is involved in the arts can relate to this, seeing their colleagues fall out of love with art making, and discontinuing their involvements in exhibiting or creating new work.  This exhibition opens tonight at 49 Geary in downtown San Francisco, 5:30-7:30pm.