Poster by Chris Hood.

Poster by Chris Hood. Courtesy of the gallery.


Opening tonight (Friday, April 26th 7-10pm) is the inaugural exhibition at Et al., “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict”.  The exhibition will be a group show composed of new work by artists: Andrew Chapman, Kate Bonner, Aaron Finnis, Cybele Lyle, Chris Hood, and Anthony Discenza.  Knowing what Et al. has accomplished previously, tonights exhibition should be a success.



By Chris Hood.  Courtesy of the gallery.

By Chris Hood. Courtesy of the gallery.



Their space is tucked away in Chinatown, San Francisco loosely inspired from the arts community found in Chinatown, Los Angeles.  Hopefully Et al.’s gallery is a new beginning for experimental and artist run contemporary art spaces in Chinatown, San Francisco… something I would really enjoy witnessing. Et al. describes tonight’s exhibition as “…a new ecology brought down into the strange void of our new exhibition space; an inception, a big bang.” Tonight’s exhibition was organized by Facundo Argañaraz, Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour. Gallery hours Friday+Saturday 1-5pm.


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-Contributed by Gregory Ito