Tonight is the opening reception for Kristina Lewis’ “Material Record” from 7-10pm.  The show is on view until June 23rd. “Material Record” introduces samples from a larger body of work in which Lewis contemplates discarded objects in her immediate urban environment as archaeological finds in an unknown and distant future.


Archaeologists rely on the material record to explain the behaviors of prehistoric, pre-literate cultures. But even when a historical record is available, material data provide crucial, unbiased revelations. Interestingly, a considerable amount of information is gleaned from the study of ancient trash.





Convinced that our own junk carries coded explanations of contemporary habits, Lewis analyzes discards from gutters, sidewalks, thrift stores and the tops of refuse bins, reading patterns, folds, curves, colors, holes, prongs, breaks, fissures, hollows and solids for information.


Perhaps future archaeologists will find our trash and take it to be treasure…or perhaps they will find our discards re-engineered, jerry-rigged tools and talismans, manifestations of creative necessity in the face of limited resources. Whatever they discover, Lewis imagines advanced beings lining up to view our refuse enshrined in protective cases, fascinated by what it describes.


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