Installation view. Courtesy of the gallery.

Tristan Lowe, Dumbo, 2001, 10' x 9' x 24', vinyl, acrylic paint, fan. Courtesy of the gallery.

Tristan Lowe, Dumbo, 2001, 10′ x 9′ x 24′, vinyl, acrylic
paint, fan. Courtesy of the gallery.

1-Chuck Close-Brad

Chuck Close, Brad, 2009, 104″ x 78″, cotton jacquard
tapestry with some wool and viscose. Courtesy of the gallery.


Currently on view at Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek is “Larger than Life,” a group exhibition that explores how contemporary artists have begun to use new materials and technologies to reshape the traditional scale of sculpture. Recently, artists have focused of unfamiliar materials and methods of construction, using these elements to investigate the oversized, overstuffed, and uncanny elements in art. This exhibition will encourage viewers to reconsider what they have come to know about the role of art, and the way in which subjects and themes can be represented.


Bedford Gallery writes in their press release, “Since the Egyptians, art has played with the limits of its medium, stretching its size and scope to unfamiliar and unbelievable proportions. From the Great Sphinx of Giza, to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, artists have realized large-scale projects that have pushed the dimensions of their work to new and spectacular heights (and lengths!).”  This is a great introduction for what you will see on view at Bedford Gallery, for the works on view challenge scale in ways that are commonly unseen due to artist’s common issues with studio and storage space.


“Larger than Life,” features works by Chuck Close, Viola Frey, Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, Tristin Lowe, Robb Putnam, Harry Siter, Michael Stutz, Clayton Thiel, and Tara Tucker.  This exhibition is on view until August 18th, so make sure to check it out before it’s too late.


For more information visit here.