On Tuesday, August 13th at ATA- Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, Chicago-based artist and curator Jesse Malmed brings an evening of recent moving image and performance works to his former hometown. The program scrambles somewhere in the intersects of conceptual comedy, dizzying illogics, the poetic plu-future and sustainable sourcing. The event is highly recommended for those with an interest in language, the histories of the avant-garde, genre fiction, pop music, the cover, the bootleg and the imaginative space between a source and a result.


Among the works to be screened: WREADING (2012), an 18 minute romp through diffuse meaning-making and ideas of creative reading. Along for the ride are Walt Whitman, Jeopardy, Tuli Kupferberg, a beluga speaking human and a television that sings about being watched. THIMBLERIG (2012) performs heavy thinking and goofy slipping on and about body-swaps, tears in the multiverse and dream babies. SUPERNYM (2013) thinks about constituency and contingencies, formalisms and constellations of celebrity.


In addition, Jesse brings new iterations of his Conversational Karaoke!!—everyone’s favorite performance game—back to ATA. A merch table stocked with bootlegs, newspapers and coasters comes along for the ride.


For more information visit here.