Opening December 12th at Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York is a solo exhibition by Nicole Cohen entitled “Domestic Concerns”. Inspired by the artist’s ongoing investigation of historical interiors and the interplay of new technologies, Domestic Concerns comprises video installation, vintage magazine collages, and large-scale reflective prints.  In her video animations, Cohen appropriates images of period rooms, such as the Donald Judd Foundation, the French Rococo period room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Hotel de Voyeur (Paris, France). Cohen’s interventions transform these otherwise still images by unleashing digital animations within the spaces. The artist infuses each space with floating bubbles, rising smoke, or blowing papers, which add narrative, mystery, excitement and even humor. The videos trespass virtually into history, creating a reality that overlaps the past with the present.


Opening Reception: Thursday, December 12th 2013. 6-8pm.


“Domestic Concerns” is on view through January 25th, 2014.


For more information visit Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York.