Opening Januray 4th at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York is “Work Order, Change Order,” a group exhibition curated by Daniel Lefcourt. The exhibition is about laboring, setbacks, production, and the categories of objects and materials – their use, misuse, and uselessness. “Work Order, Change Order” discusses actions performed (or not performed) out of some kind of anxiety, dissatisfaction, confusion or pleasure and focuses on how a disparate selection of individuals work through and against certain material and conceptual frameworks. At times it is the literal framework of the exhibition architecture or conventions of display; or maybe a specific type of metal or wood; or the real world demands to produce deliverables on deadline. At others times the works point towards the broader conceptual and ideological framework of the studio, the artist, the gallery, the curator, and the artwork itself – each of which are understood (at least by these artists) as being in flux and negotiable.


Opening Reception: January 4th, 2014.


“Work Order, Change Order” will be on view through February 1st, 2014.


For more information visit Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York.