Opening February 1st and continuing through the 2nd is a new art fair in Los Angeles called “Paramount Ranch.”  For those who’re in sunny Southern California this weekend have a lot of ground to cover with the Los Angeles Art Book Fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary, and the many satellite events going around in the sprawling city of LA, but there is one more “must see” this weekend in the mountains of Santa Monica.  At an old movie set where Cary Grant and John Wayne shot their films known as “Paramount Ranch.”  The tucked away set is styled in a western fashion and has been transformed into a refreshing fair featuring thirty-odd galleries and alternative spaces. No more massive tents, or huge event halls, just some old wood buildings and a Saloon hosted by Mandrake from Culver City.


Dates: February 1-2, 2014.


For more information visit Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles.