Currently on view at 47 Canal, New York is a solo exhibition by Gregory Edwards featuring a collection of recent paintings.  Through a variety of application methods Edwards works the surface of his paintings to set static backdrops through combinations of gestural abstraction, smooth gradients, and flat color. Floating above these backdrops are text overlays that function as activators that suggest a starting point for further investigation into the paintings’ operation.  Below is an excerpt from the press release provided with Gregory Edwards’ solo exhibition.


Installation view.   Courtesy of 47 Canal.

Installation view.
Courtesy of 47 Canal.


“you are a master of life and you make life work for you…from this moment on you
accept only positive, neutral and happy thoughts and feelings…you reject all undesired




“the moment you recognize an undesirable thought, say “stop”. you stop the thought
and vividly imagine things exactly the way you want them to be. you catch all
undesirable thoughts and you reverse their power. these suggestions are being
communicated to every level of your body and mind.”


“steady work” is on view through February 23rd, 2014.


For more information visit 47 Canal, New York.