Currently on view at Wallspace, New York is “The Retired Architect,” a group exhibition curated by Nichole Caruso, featuring the work of Katinka Bock, Ned Colclough, N. Dash, Ben Gocker, Isabel Nolan and Julia Rommel. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a poem by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, a poet who refers to her works as “collages,” inasmuch as they’re composed by culling a collection of texts, images and physical objects to form a map, which she eventually smooths out grammatically to create a “linguistic surface.” Berssenbrugge’s physical, performative and appropriation-based approach to composition serves as a curatorial lens and inspiration for this exhibition. Each of the six artists will present works aligned with the methodologies or interests inherent to the poetic process, lending a lyrical sense to both material and object by using a mix of individual abstract language and intuitive composition or gesture. Their contingent investigations and meditations are brought together here to create a poem outside of the page where material expression is imbricated with physical space.


“The Retired Architect” is on view through February 15th, 2014.


For more information visit Wallspace, New York.