Opening Saturday, January 11th at Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles is “Various Peep Show,” a solo exhibition of new paintings by Annie Lapin. Lapin’s paintings appear to coalesce from the hazy set of information gathered at the corner of the eye. Her complex, dynamic compositions catalog her interest in the act of seeing and grapple with the process of how a painting comes into being through the viewer’s engagement with it. Whether exploring visual memory or the tension between the inherent properties of paint as material and its ability to depict, her work documents and dramatizes her own sense of flux at the edge of perception. Shapes and landscapes remain on the verge of resolution and legibility in a continual process of emergence, while also rooted to the thingliness of paint.


Opening Reception: January 11th, 2014.


“Various Peep Show” will be on view through February 22nd, 2014.


For more information visit Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles.