Opening Thursday, February 6th at Highlight, San Francisco is “En Ny Drakt For En Gammel Seremoni | A New Coat for an Old Ceremony,” a solo exhibition of work by Norwegian artist, Haavard Homstvedt. The exhibition brings together three concurrent aspects of Homstvedt’s practice; painting, sculpture and drawing.  Homstvedt’s “remnant paintings” act as palimpsests in that he has utilized the oil from previous paintings to create new works that are comprised of many, many layers. Each layer can take months to dry before another can be applied, thus this body of work represents not only an unconventional, residual method of painting but can also be understood as a meditation on and measurement of the lapse of time. In this sense, each painting contains many others within it, and therein the memories and traces of what it was throughout its various stages of becoming.


Opening Reception: Thursday, February 6, 2014. 6-8pm


“En Ny Drakt For En Gammel Seremoni | A New Coat for an Old Ceremony” is on view through March 15, 2014.


For more information visit Highlight, San Francisco.