Opening Sunday, March 2 at PARTICIPANT INC, New York is “The Years Made Flies,” a culmination of Luther Price’s larger than life figurative work made between 1982-1985. With the exception of one large sculptural installation, “Eat Fuck Live Shit Want Need” – comprised of wall panels and eleven human and animal figures, made in 1986 – the work in the exhibition marked the end of the artist’s preoccupation with sculpture. Now largely known for his film and performance-based works, the exhibition reveals a prolific period when Price built out his recollections of childhood in the 1960s three-dimensionally. The works on view were made while Price was a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (the first independent public art college in the US), shortly prior to suffering a life-altering gunshot wound in Nicaragua in 1985. Speaking about the incident, Price says, “i died when i was 23… it wasn’t just my guts that spilled out that day….”


Opening Reception: Sunday, March 2, 2014. 7-9pm


“The Years Made Flies” is on view through April 13, 2014.


For more information visit PARTICIPANT INC, New York.


March 9th is the SFAQ RELEASE PARTY at PARTICIPANT INC, New York for the current Issue #15.  Visit here for more information.