Opening Saturday, March 1 at Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco is “Very Good Plus (VG+),” a solo exhibition by John Kilduff, the host of Let’s Paint TV, a cult television show based in Los Angeles, will bring his carnival aesthetic and delightful, sludgy paintings for a blow-out exhibition and opening night performance. The multi-talented artist makes abject representational works drenched in absurdity and pathos live on his show while running on a treadmill, mixing drinks and taking calls from the audience.


Also in the gallery is “A Record is a Record,” a Superior Viaduct Pop-Up Shop. Superior Viaduct is a San Francisco based record label that focuses on curated reissues of art-punk, free jazz, and 20th century experimental music. During the run of the show, Superior Viaduct will feature the work of photographer Ruby Ray, screen films by renowned minimalist composer Phill Niblock, and present a series of live performances including including legendary sax player Roscoe Mitchell, dissonant acoustic guitarist Bill Orcutt, and more.



Photo by Ruby Ray. Courtesy of Steven Wolf Fine Arts.

Photo by Ruby Ray.
Courtesy of Steven Wolf Fine Arts.


Opening Reception: Saturday, March 1, 2014.


“Very Good Plus (VG+)” and “A Record is a Record” is on view through March 31, 2014.


For more information visit Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco.