Retrospective Gallery

711 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534

April 13, 2014

Currently on view at Retrospective, Hudson is an exhibition of new works by Letha Wilson and Jason Middlebrook. Both artists use landscape as subject for investigating the space between image and materiality, nature and culture, order and entropy. Jason Middlebrook will present a series of new plank paintings. In this ongoing body of work, carved and hewn tree trunks are recycled, and imbued with new meaning, through painting and drawing. Letha Wilson’s sculptural photographs also act as both an index of the natural world a document of her layered studio process. Wilson’s artwork uses photographs of and materials from the natural landscape as a starting point for interpretation and confrontation.

Installation view.  Courtesy of Retrospective.

Installation view. Courtesy of Retrospective.


Letha Wilson. “Headlands Brown Rock Concrete Bend”, 2014Unique C-print, emulsion transfer, concrete, aluminum frame22 ¼” x 18 ¼’ x 1 ¼”.
Courtesy of Retrospective.