Karla Milosevich, karlabibi, photography .
Courtesy of Steven Wolf Fine Arts

Opening Saturday, April 26 at Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco is a two person exhibition, “Sinne Spegel,” featuring works by Anne McGuire and Karla Milosevich. For the exhibition McGuire and Milosevich dissolve themselves into Ingmar Bergman’s silvery, mysterious “Persona”. They inhabit the cinematic backdrop of the Scandinavian characters, becoming their American twins, separated at birth and reunited in a new landscape, circa 2014. Ghost-like stand-ins for the actresses in the film, they can’t possibly disappear into it completely and the resulting clash from the overlay can be expressed by the equation, appropriation plus personal history equals uncanny.


“Sinne Spegel” is on view through June 14, 2014.

For more information visit Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco.