Todd Lavine, Sean McFarland

1038 Project Space

1038 Clayton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

June 12, 2014 8 pm


Thursday, June 12, 1038 Project Space hosts a conversation between artists Todd Lavine and Sean McFarland in conjunction with Lavine’s current exhibition at 1038, “A Transmission, Interrupted.” In the exhibition, Lavine presents pixellated and distorted images of Abdul Razzaq Tlass, a central figure in the Syrian Civil War. By presenting the warped and compressed images typical to the broadcast of war, Lavine highlights the tenuous relationship between reality and the manner and resolution of its portrayal.


Lavine is joined in a conversation about photography, truth, and media distortion by Sean McFarland, a San Francisco-based artist who employs photography as well as a variety of explorative image-making processes in his examination of landscape.


The conversation begins at 8 pm.

Please RSVP to 1038:



Todd Lavine, "A Transmission, Interrupted," installation view, 2014.

Todd Lavine, “A Transmission, Interrupted,” installation view, 1038 Project Space, 2014.


“A Transmission, Interrupted” remains on view through June 21.