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Peter Schjeldahl on the perils of mass art spectacles, Art Everywhere

August 7th The New Yorker


The boring effects of middle class taste on the arts

August 9th, The Guardian


The Gentrification of Marfa by it’s Art Folk

August 11, Hyperallergic


The decline of private sales at Sothebys

August 12th Artnet News


The insulting Picasso that was foisted on Robert Williams

August 12th Artnet News


A look at Bogota’s democratic graffiti scene

August 12th The Economist


The problem of Marina Abramović and her mediocre mindfulness

August 13th Hyperallergic


Leon Black, owner of Publishing house Phaidon, buys Artspace.com online art market

August 14th Bloomberg


Moma to digitize the entirety of Warhol’s film collection

August 15th Artnet news








Cory Arcangel on Warhol and his early precursors to todays digital art and the archiving process needed to rescue the artists files from his archaic Amiga computer



The enlightenment that Bertolt Brecht brought to the arts, and the delightful torture his body lived through

The Times Literary Supplement


The secret life of Samuel Beckett, spy



A reminder of the important work of art historian and critic Meyer Schapiro



Jed Perl believes liberals are the cause for the demise of good art, or at least that’s what his publisher wants you to believe with their audacious headline “Liberals are killing art”

New Republic



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