SFAQ Co-Founder & Managing Editor,  Andrew McClintock, and Bay Area Conceptual Artist, Guy Overfelt are collaborating to bring us one of the most epic shows of the year.  Queen’s Nails Projects in the Mission will be showcasing their work in a show appropriately titled “Assed Out in the Mini Dramas”, which is intended to reinterpret and appropriate 1970’s Conceptual artist notions, specifically Paul Kos’ 1972 “Pool Hustle”. Paul Kos will make a guest appearance, lending his artistic license and stamp of approval, as well as notorious Art Historian, Paul Karlstrom who satirically states “…what you describe is not the sort of collaborative project that can be written about, even briefly, without seeing”. The genius behind this show is that not only does it appropriate the work of renown Bay Area Conceptual Artists, but it comments on the idea of appropriation in general and the commodification of art as object. This sculptural installation, that will transform QNP into an experimental pool hall, will be accompanied by live music curated by Tyson Vogel of Two Gallants.  Fill the vast emptiness of your brains this Friday night from 6-10pm and get some free booze too!  Event sponsored by Blue Angel Vodka and PBR.  YEEE.