For everyone who doesn’t know about Ooga Booga in Los Angeles… you should.  It’s a great space in Chinatown tucked away in an outdated building full of the best collection of print and handmade goods specializing in independent artistic endeavors. The Kadist Foundation is helping bridge the gap between LA and SF through this project bringing Ooga Booga into Northern California through this pop up shop which will be up till November 30th.  For you Bay Area die hard zine/book fans, Ooga Booga is a special gem to LA, like Needles and Pens is to SF.  Just go there and check it out.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see what they do.


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Press Release:


Commencing with the fall 2012 season, on September 5th the Reading Shop will set up a temporary satellite shop in San Francisco for Ooga Booga.


Ooga Booga is a small store above a bakery in Chinatown, Los Angeles, founded in 2004 by Wendy Yao. The shop specializes in independent culture, including art, books, music, clothing, and other things made by artists. Over the past 8 years they have hosted live music performances, book events, in-store art installations, film screenings, reading rooms, art swap meets, and workshops both on site and in satellite locations. The store also runs a free online database of art book publishers as a public resource ( Selected past projects include Nieves Library & Reading Room at Ooga Booga (publications from Switzerland), Secondary Market exhibition & mini-shop by Hanne Mugaas, Ooga Booga’s Reading Room at the Swiss Institute, Zine’s Mate mini-book exhibition at Ooga Booga (Publications from Japan), Wendy & Amy Yao’s Annual Art Swap Meet in Joshua Tree as part of Andrea Zittel’s High Desert Test Sites, and upcoming Ooga Booga Excursus III exhibition & programming series at ICA, Philadelphia.


The temporary outpost will feature a selection of their LA stock, with a special focus on contemporary artist books and magazines from all over the world.


Shop dates: September 7th – Friday, November 30th
Hours: 12-4p Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Location: 2401 Folsom @ the corner of 20th St