Tomorrow, May 22nd, is the last evening of a 3 week noise series at Mills College Art Museum. The event is 4pm – 7pm, but try to arrive early due to limited space. The selection of sound artist will play their compositions through the Oculus as part of the MFA 2013 Wednesday Night Salon Series.


The Oculus is an installation by Kate Short that engages with the acoustic space of the tower in the Mills College Art Museum. As a sound sculpture, the piece plays an undulating soundscape of brown noise, the lower frequencies within the audible sound spectrum.


This 12 channel sound installation was also constructed with the hope that others would also utilize the piece to create compositions that engage with the specific nuances of the space. This series presents the work of eleven sound artists who were given the opportunity to work within the Oculus to develop their own interpretations of the space.


*Due to limited space there will be 3 presentations of these works each evening. They will begin at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.


May 22nd performances by:

Shanna Sordahl
Michael Mersereau
Ryan Page
Chris Duncan


For more information visit here.