Opening Thursday, March 20th at Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco is “Subject and Witness,” a solo exhibition of photography by Carrie Mae Weems. Carrie Mae Weems positions herself both behind the camera and in its lens – exacting a keen gaze on her subject while making clear her empathy and identification with what she observes.  Unlike many photographers, she makes her presence known, allowing the deeply personal to inhabit an image also seen as symbolic or universal.  Weem’s practice melds performance, the stylistic tools and lessons of photography with the lexicon of an astute social historian.  Making reference to the past through costume, objects and historical sites, her images evoke attitudes of the past, providing an opportunity to test our memories and to look at human relationships as they function today.


Opening Reception: March 20, 2014. 5-7:30pm.
For more information visit Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco.