Ray of Life follows Estonian model Carmen Kass as she tumbles and glides through a universe reminiscent of a dark wonderland in which Kass plays Alice. There is neither exit nor entrance. No reason for her to be there. She is searching, but for what? It is a quest we have all considered, it is the why of our own lives that director Asa Mader has succeeded in pinning down. Fall through an abyss; remember why you are scared and why man is found. Allow the simultaneous unfamiliar reality and familiar haze of imagination engulf. Ray of Life explores the boundaries of fashion and cinema like never before.


Mader has invited his audience into his obsession. A black hole, a void, history, time, space. Ultimately, eternity. The 35 meter holographic projection is an installation piece shown at the Firenze4Ever Film festival and at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy that encapsulates the viewer, introducing them to what Mader describes as a film “essentially about immortalizing all the things we cannot reach-of looking and wanting to find a forever. “ It is ultimately an exploration of humanity beautifully crafted through various mediums of visuals.